Effective Customer Marketing

To get new customers you have to get to know your current customers better.

No one ever said that growing a business was easy. But there are many things that you can do right now that will make the quest... Read more


Improve Email Deliverability with Proper Coding

A business building email campaign is a terrible thing to waste.  While there are many factors that simply cannot be controlled related to email deliverability and appearance, there are certainly some design and coding basics that can really make... Read more


Why Doesn’t My Google Analytics Match My Email Tracking?

Google Analytics is designed to track incoming traffic to a website or landing page–from another web page, search engine, or via a URL typed directly into your browser. Because email tracking is server-based, rather than browser-based, Google Analytics cannot... Read more


How Does Email Tracking Work?

When you receive an email tracking report from your provider it will provide you with the following statistics: How many emails were deployed, how many were delivered, how many emails bounced, how many emails were opened, how many people... Read more


Email Marketing for Branding

Whether it is a conscious or unconscious decision your business has a “look.”

Think of any major corporation or retailer. Within a second of seeing their message you know their brand because of their visual image. So it’s imperative that... Read more

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