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Media One continually updates and adds to our datacards, so if you don’t see what you are looking for listed below just give us a call to discuss the full range of our available consumer and business data.

Most of our databases include hot lines as well as over 100 key demographic and lifestyle selects. Additionally, Media One can custom-create files to meet your exact marketing goals.  Just click the Data Card you are inquiring about to view. For immediate information on any datacard fill out the contact form on our home page or give us a call at 1-877-776-1195.

Voter / Political Databases:

U.S. Voter Registration File

U.S.Voter Registration File-Postal

U.S. Voter Registration File-Email

U.S. Voter Registration File-Phone

U.S. Voter Registration File-Cell

U.S. Voter Registration File-SMS

U.S. Registered Republican Voters

U.S. Registered Democratic Voters

U.S.Registered Independent Voters

U.S. Registered Female Voters

U.S. Registered Voters Who Are Moms

U.S. Registered Male Voters

U.S. Registered LGBT Voters

U.S. Registered Evangelical Voters

U.S. Registered Voters Who Smoke

U.S. Registered Voters Who Are Gun Owners

U.S. Registered Low Income Voters

U.S. Registered Middle Income Voters

U.S. Registered High Income Voters

U.S. Registered Baby Boomer Voters

U.S. Registered Gen X Voters

U.S. Registered Gen Y Voters

U.S. Registered Gen Z New Voters

U.S. Registered Senior Voters

U.S. African American Voters

U.S. Hispanic Voters

U.S. Major  Republican Donors

Political Donors

Automotive Databases

Auto Owner Database

Auto Owner by Fuel Type

Auto Owner by Make

Auto Owner by Manufacturer

Auto Owner by Vehicle Style

Auto Owner by Vehicle Class

Auto Owner- by # Vehicles in Hhld

Auto Owner – Auto Maintenance

Motorcycle Owner Database

RV Owner Database


BtoB Databases:

BtoB Masterfile

Buyer Databases

Apparel Buyer

Alcohol/Wine Buyer

Book Buyer

Computer Buyer

Crafts & Sewing Buyer

Credit Card Buyer

DIY Home Product Buyer

Electronics Buyer

Fitness Product Buyer

Gift Buyers

Gourmet Food & Wine Buyers

Grandparent -Children Items Buyers

Housekeeping, Kitchen & Decor Buyer

Lawn & Garden Product Buyer

Luxury Product Buyer

Online Movie Ticket Buyer

Online Ticket Buyer

Organic Products Buyer

Outdoor Product Buyer

Pet Product Buyer

Retail Buyer

Supplement Buyers

Wine Buyer 

Vision Product Buyer

African American Buyer

Female Buyer

Male Buyer

LGBT Buyer

Parents Buyers

Senior Buyers

Hispanic Consumers

Hispanic Buyer

Hispanic Consumers

Hispanic Consumers by Language

Hispanic DOB

Consumer Databases

Master Consumer Database

Female Consumers

Male Consumers

Consumers by Age

Date of Birth Database

Consumers by Income

Consumers by Credit Rating

LGBT Database

Gay Males 


Consumer by Interest/Lifestyle Databases

Affluent C-Level Women

Auto Racing Enthusiasts

Boat Owners

Cellphone Users

College Students

Continuing Education Students

Cruise Vacationers


DIY-Auto Repair Enthusiasts


Evangelical Christians

Flashy & Fabulously Affluent



Gun Owners

Home Owners


Internet User

Job Seekers

Loan Applicants

Mortgage Holders

Occupations Database

Opportunity Seekers

Parents Database

Pool Owners


Resident by Dwelling Type




Wonderfully Wealthy & Affluent