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The Highest Standards
Media One’s data hygiene standards are some of the most stringent in the industry.


Most of our clients are repeat customers because they understand what truly deliverable data can do for their businesses.

  • Data Hygiene
    At Media One, accuracy and data integrity is our number One priority. We offer a full suite of data hygiene solutions to ensure the highest return on our clients’ investments.
  • NCOA- (National Change of Address)
    We are a certified National Change of Address provider. Let us help you clean up your database so that you always have the most accurate records available.
  • ECOA- (Electronic Change of Address)
    A hard bounce e-mail, is an e-mail not delivered. Media ONE can find the most current e-mail addresses used by your customers.
  • PCOA- (Progressive Change of Address)
    What if someone doesn’t put in a change of address with the post office? Media ONE’s Progressive Change of Address service lets you reach customer’s by credit card information, utility turn-ons, and cell phone activations.
  • Data Enhancements & Overlays
    Media One offers you the ability to match customer buying history, interests, demographics, ethnicity, age, gender, etc. to existing records in a customer or rental database.  This micro-targeting power will take your marketing campaigns to a whole new level!
  • Phone, Email, Cell and SMS Appends
    Phone & email Appends gives our clients the ability to contact customers directly by updating, in real-time, extremely accurate and current phone numbers to any mailing list.
  • Bulk Internet Data
    Media One offers data feeds and data licensing agreements. We refresh our database with 15 to 35 million new Internet opt-in records monthly. Talk to us about your specific data needs.