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The Email Experts
Email, it seems that everyone is doing it. But, few do it well. Even fewer do it correctly.


Today email is one of the most important forms of direct marketing because of the impact it has in its reach. Because of the growth and evolution of the medium, it takes a company exceptionally knowledgeable about email broadcasts and email delivery to get your message to your recipient.

At Media One, we have a dedication to doing email broadcasts correctly and meticulously.  Our proprietary Email-MC Email Management console is our custom built hi-speed email delivery system. We use a proprietary rotating IP Address Trickle system. This allows us to bypass the ISPs daily rate cuts–the amount of email allowed in from one domain before the ISP starts bouncing all follow-on emails. You won’t find this system anyplace else because it is our own proprietary technology.

Every email message sent by Media One never leaves our own facility and the hands of our own staff. We pull the list, can create your email creative message, test, broadcast and report within the realm of our own operation. Never is there a moment when a third party or outside source comes in contact with your project. This means you get end-to-end control of every single aspect of your email campaign from creation to completion. Very few other companies can promise you that with the level of certainty that Media One can.

You will never have to question whether or not you can rely on Media One’s email data and delivery. Because we make CAN-Spam compliance a top priority, you can without a doubt put your trust in Media One to broadcast your email message in a manner that protects your name and represents you in the absolute best light. We have beyond exceptional relationships with the ISP’s and would rather pass on a project than sacrifice the reputation that we have worked so hard to build.

Media One maintains an active opt-in e-mail database of over 230 million consumers. Our expertise and experience will ensure your email not only reaches its target, but delivers results!  We refresh our email database with 15 to 35 million new Internet opt-in records monthly. Our experience allows us to qualify and confirm fully opted-in prospects so there’s never a question about whether our files are valid.

Media One is proud to offer its proprietary real-time tracking solution for every email marketing campaign. Just 48 hours after the completion of a broadcast, our servers automatically generate a unique web page and tracking link to monitor your results in real-time.

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• Consumer opt-in email with 133 targetable selects
Bulk Email Marketing, Purchase Email Data, Rent Email Data
Permission-based Email Marketing with Personalization
• Direct Marketing Matching records for multi-channel email and postal projects
Appending & Reverse Appending and Phone Appending
Data Hygiene, Data Enhancements and Data Overlays
• Email Creative Services

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