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Opt-In Email can open doors that you never even knew existed! Media One compiles millions of optin email marketing addresses, and we deliver your opt-in email marketing message with 100% confirmed accuracy. Media One guarantees 95% deliverability on our opt-in email broadcasts. How? We use a proprietary rotating IP Address/Trickle System that allows us to bypass the ISP’s “Daily Rate Cuts,” which is the amount of opt-in email marketing messages allowed “in” from one domain before the ISP (Google, AOL, Yahoo, etc.)starts bouncing all follow-on opt-in emails. This is our own proprietary opt-in email marketing technology that you won’t find elsewhere.

Our Opt-In Email Marketing Message Tracking reports will show you statistical analysis and percentages for opt-in email marketing broadcast volume, delivery, bounce, open and click rates. This opt-in email marketing report is generated in graph form as well tracking hour-by-hour and day-by-day and provided 72 hours after your opt-in email marketing campaign completes.

Utilizing our extensive consumer opt-in email marketing database, we can precisely identify those who will most likely respond to your offer. With detailed information about each recipient, we can hit the bulls-eye every time! Media One’s Consumer opt-in email marketing data is action and behavior based. Records are confirmed through actual transactions, opt-ins, and responses to particular topics of interest. The opt-in email marketing file is then further enhanced with real property data and public records to produce one of the most accurate and responsive consumer opt-in email marketing files on the market. Each record is confirmed for accuracy and deliverability.

Our opt-in email marketing database enables advertisers to reach the most highly targeted audiences with a guaranteed response on every opt-in email campaign. Our targeted opt-in email helps you reach your most responsive customers!

Media One is the source of the opt-in email marketing data you use. When you work with Media One, everything happens right here at our own facility, using our own opt-in email marketing data, and our own team of opt-in email marketing experts. From planning through execution and on to evaluation, we are standing beside you every step of the way with full control over every aspect of your email marketing campaign. Because Media One has the in-house resources to custom create virtually any type of opt-in email marketing database–and troubleshoot email marketing deliverability issues– we will be able to evaluate your opt-in email marketing projects and immediately help to make any necessary adjustments.

Let our opt-in email marketing services introduce you to your next best customer!