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U.S. Voter Registration File for all 50 states as well as a constituent database of over 118 million households.

 Ask about Media One’s ” Election Push Pricing“- $70/M for Postal/Email/Phone/Cell/SMS Data with selects!

What makes our Political data different is the fact that we NCOA the file every month, update Email files weekly, and update our Phone records daily. We do all of our data hygiene  right here at our own facility so you never have to worry about missing a contact opportunity because the file is old and outdated.

When it comes to political marketing, quick response is very important,  and you never have to worry about waiting for an outside source to do your data scrubbing because Media One does it all for you right here…right now!

Media One additionally can handle all of your political data overlay and political data appending quickly and efficiently. Let us add lifestyle, ethnicity, demographic, age, gender and other important information to your voter data to make it even more targeted to key donor or constituents.

U.S. Registered Voter Masterfile: • 159 Million Postal Records, • 33 Million Email Records ( Landline, cellphone and SMS data available.)

Female Voters – 27.8  Million

Male Voters – 24.2  Million

LGBT Voters – 70 Thousand

Senior Voters – 52.4  Million

Hispanic Voters – 9.8 Million

African-American Voters – 22.2 Million

Republican Voters – 29.9 Million

Democratic Voters -40.1 Million

Independent Voters – 20.8 Million

Choose many political data targeting options such precinct, district, party affiliation, voter history and voter behavior.


7.8 Million individuals who eagerly support and donate to political causes or special-interest causes.

Major Republican Donors- 800 Thousand high-income individuals who have donated a minimum of $5,000 to candidates

of the Republican Party.

Evangelical Christian Donors- 725 Thousand high devout Christians dedicated to family values and motivated to

support Christian causes, topics and issues.

Specialty Populations

Media One’s Voter Registration Data can be specifically segmented by: DOB, smokers, ethnicity, language, income, home ownership,

donor, gun ownership, religion, parent, gender, and more!

Over 130 demographic, lifestyle, and interest data selects can be added to further enhance your voter and donor targeting.

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