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Precise Postal Records It’s more important than ever to make sure your postal data is accurate.


Media One’s postal records contain some of the most precise information you will find in the industry. Because we are a registered National Change of Address Supplier, we are able to assure that every record is NCOA’d on output of your order to assure that the mail piece you send reaches its intended recipient.

Additionally, Media One offers PCOA- (Progressive Change of Address) to prevent you from missing entire categories of customers, who frequently move without reporting a change of address. Media One’s Progressive Change of Address service relies on credit card information, utility turn-ons, and cell phone activations to keep their information up to date, so you can stay in contact.

Whether you choose to develop your postal campaign by lifestyle or demographic categories to reach targeted consumers, or you blanket a geographic area by Postal Carrier Route, Zip Codes, SCF, or Radius Ranges we will get you the correct list that will work for your business.

Because our roots are in data, we have a higher degree of knowledge in how to clean, manage, and pull a postal database that will get delivered.

Turn to us for:

• Consumer data with 133 targetable selects
•  Consumer Data Licensing
• Matching records for multi-channel email and postal projects
• Appending & Reverse Appending and Phone Appending
• Data Hygiene, Data Enhancements and Data Overlays

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